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More about Fairtrade

The Fairtrade Certification Mark is the most recognised label for fair trade worldwide.

Fairtrade is a global movement that seeks to achieve greater equity in international trade by establishing trading partnerships based on dialogue, transparency, respect and by promoting a sustainable and ethical system for development. The Fairtrade model offers producers, traders and consumers a way to directly engage in the fight against poverty and exploitation: fair trade relies on a series of principles that guarantees fair deals for producers, rights for workers and protection of the environment.

The profit margins of fair-trade products are bigger than normal open-market profits as consumers pay a social premium for fair-trade products over and above the normal price of these products. The social premium is reinvested to improve the social conditions of the small farmers that produced the fair-trade products.

Although the fair-trade market is still relatively small in South Africa, the business sector and consumers are beginning to realise the value of this social development model which helps local small farmers to reach a bigger, global market. Fairtrade is enjoying growing awareness in Europe, especially The Netherlands, UK, the Scandinavian countries and also in the USA.

End-consumers who buy Fairtrade-endorsed Rooibos will therefore be buying top-quality organic Rooibos while they are doing good at the same time - they are caring for people and for the environment.

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